Cajun’s Climb 2019

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Why: On April 4, 2018 we lost a son, brother, uncle, friend, incredible fighter pilot and an all-around good dude when Maj. Stephen “Cajun” Del Bagno perished during a training flight with the USAF Thunderbirds. He was also just shy of his 35th birthday on April 30th. Since Cajun can’t be here with us, our family would like to honor and remember him during the month of April by raising money for his scholarship fund while encouraging people to get outdoors and do an activity that he enjoyed. There is something healing about being in nature and he was always down for a good hike!

when: april 4, 2019 - April 30, 2019

Location: Your choice

How does it work: Pick a hiker level, fill out the form and process payment. Read and agree to the release and complete the registration. You will be emailed a receipt. Go for a hike any time from April 4th – April 30th. Upon completion of your hike return to the bottom of this website page to submit a photo from your hike and enter your stats (location, distance, time). Only 1 submission per registered hiker. All submissions will be verified against original registration forms to confirm eligibility. 

A prize will be awarded to 1 registrant in each of the following categories: “Champion Dog Paddler” Hike,  “Hero” Hike, and the “Big Cat” Hike

Please submit your Photos and stats by May 4th. all registrants will be entered into the prize drawing and the winners for each category will be picked at random. winners will be announced/notified on May 12th. The registration fees will support the CADI Scholarship Fund. please keep your registration receipt for tax purposes as it may be tax deductible. 


Hiker Registration Form

Click the photo below of the hike you wish to register for to participate in Cajun’s Climb 2019!

"Champion Dog Paddler" (0.1 - 3.9 Mile Hike)

Please select the number of hikers you wish to register before proceeding.

“Hero” (4.0 – 9.9 Mile Hike)

Please select the number of hikers you wish to register before proceeding.

“The Big Cat” (10+ Mile Hike)

Please select the number of hikers you wish to register before proceeding.

After you have completed your hike please return here and complete the Hike Completion Submission Form below

Hike Completion Submission

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