Gone But Not Forgotten


On April 4, 2018 our hearts broke as we received the news of your passing. I will never fully be able to understand why you had to go so soon, but the amount of love and support that our family has been embraced with is a true testament to how you lived your life. You made everyone feel important, could light up any room with that goofy smile and embodied what it meant to be a “good dude”. Thank you for your service, endless sacrifices, and for being the best little brother and uncle that I could ever ask for. I have looked up to you your whole life and am so proud of all your accomplishments. We miss you deeply and know that you will carry us with your wings. Thank you for showing us what hard work, dedication and perseverance looks like and always pushing us to be the best we can be! We love you!

Your “kid” sister


Words to live by:

“In life you are going to hear a lot of no’s and sometimes it is just a test of your resolve. No matter what it is and how bad you want it, if you work hard and don’t accept no as a final answer, you can always turn a no into a yes”

Maj. Stephen “Cajun” Del Bagno
In honor of a “good dude” and talented fighter pilot!