Words from Papa Joe


We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support. The outreach has been unbelievably awesome! There are so many memories to share and people to thank for believing in our son. The love and affection is a testament to the legacy Stephen leaves behind.

I want to take a minute to share this with you.

After the Melbourne Air show Stephen chose to come home for a couple of days. He loved a home cooked meal and wanted some quiet time with his mother and I. We were able to celebrate his most recent accomplishment as he just earned his Master's degree! The two days he was here were AMAZING but went way too fast. While we were by his truck saying goodbye a very dear friend was driving by. She pulled to the curb, jumped out of the car and shouted, "how lucky am I???" They finished sharing their moment and we all got what turned out to be our last hug and kiss.

Over the past several months the outpouring of worldwide support has brought me back to our dear friends words:

"How lucky am I"

God blessed me with a wife and an AMAZING FAMILY!!!

"How lucky am I"

God blessed me with an AMAZING SON!!!

"How lucky am I"

He loved America, wanted to join the military and be part of the greater good!!!

"How lucky am I"

His Journey led him to CP Aviation where his career started!!!

"How lucky am I"

He found his purpose, passion, and persistence. These fueled his pride and helped him accomplish his dream of being a Thunderbird!!!

His 5 Ps as he called them is his life story!

We had many conversations that always ended with "Dad, I just want to be a good dude"

The love and support we have received has made it much easier to cope with our loss. We realize now more than ever that we share his untimely passing with a much bigger family.

Thank you for your love and comfort.

Papa Joe & Mama D
"How lucky are we"
We got to say we love you, goodbye....Be safe & be smart!
“How lucky are we”
That we get to carry on his legacy!!!!